Family Law


Each member of a family has rights. It is necessary to be aware of what the law can do to

protect each member of your family.

The family law system in Louisiana can be complex. Michael J. Vergis is an experienced

attorney to guide family members throughout the process of litigation.

There are major decisions that must be

made each decision could define the family’s future.

There are many subdivisions of family law that an attorney can advise family members about:


What type of divorce is appropriate; are you the petitioner; or, answering the petition;     

division of matrimonial property; and spousal support. These are some of the many

divorce issues an attorney will help you answer and address.


Deciding on whom a child will live in the event of a divorce will define the child’s

relationship with his or her parents. Attorney Michael J. Vergis will give advice and guide the

parents towards the best decision to make for their children that is available under the law.


Family law also covers child support. It will be determined whether one or both parents would pay a certain amount of money each month, in order to help with the child’s upbringing, regardless of child custody arrangements. Careful consideration will be made in regards to the income of the parties and how much they can afford to provide for the child.

As laws change and evolve to accommodate different issues concerning families, the complex nature of family law needs to be clearly understood.

Attorney Michael J. Vergis has represented and assisted people on all sides of family law disputes, at all phases of their case. His experience and successful negotiations have led to hundreds of satisfied and happy clients. He is meticulous in litigation, leading to the best outcome possible for each individual client.


MICHAEL                      VERGIS

For over 20 years the preeminent Law Offices of Michael J Vergis have provided exemplary service to clients throughout Louisiana. Attorney Michael J Vergis has served as a Shreveport City Court Judge pro tem, made appearances on national and local television, and has been listed in SB Magazine’s “Top Attorneys” in Shreveport-Bossier. His creative approach to handling difficult cases and his dedication to resolving his clients’ legal issues, have made him a highly sought after attorney in City, State, and Federal courts.


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