Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Bossier City / Shreveport

Semi Truck Accident Attorney
As a vital link in the distribution network, the almost two million semi trucks in use in the United States contribute significantly to the economy by distributing consumer goods. Because of their size and the time it takes to come to a complete stop, it’s easy to see how a passenger vehicle driver could be injured in a semi truck accident. Poor visibility and slow breaking abilities, along with the sheer size and weight of the average semi truck, mean accidents are more likely to end in disastrous outcomes than other types of auto accidents. If you’re involved in a wreck with one of these commercial trucks, you’ll need the help of an experienced Bossier City semi truck accident attorney like Michael J. Vergis.

What are Common Causes of Semi Truck Accidents?

The odds of a truck driver being involved in a crash are higher because they spend so much time on the road. This raises the chances a driver might engage in negligent driving. The most common causes of semi truck accidents include fatigued drivers and brake and tire failures.

  • Fatigue. Truck drivers often drive faster and for longer hours due to the way they are paid. Hours of Service standards limit the number of hours a truck driver may spend behind the wheel in one stretch. However, many continue to work long hours and travel great distances. As a result of the lack of sleep and weariness, the risk of errors and crashes increases when a truck driver operates under unsafe conditions to meet a deadline.
  • Brake Failure. Inadequate inspection, lack of maintenance, moisture, or overheating can all lead to brake failure. Trucking businesses and drivers are required by the federal government to keep track of the condition of their brakes at all times. As a result, multiple parties may be accountable for brake failure, including manufacturers and designers.
  • Tire Failure. Tire blowouts can be caused by design flaws, poor maintenance, and a lack of thorough inspection, all of which can result in significant damage.

What To Do After a Semi Truck Accident

If you are involved in a wreck, you’ll likely be dazed and not thinking clearly in the aftermath. However, this is a critical time and it’s important to keep a few things in mind that can help keep you safe and also assist you with a future personal injury claim.
  • Even if they are not in pain, everyone engaged in an accident should seek medical assistance. That’s because injuries such as whiplash may not be readily apparent and pain can be masked by the adrenaline surging through your body after the crash.
  • It’s critical to make contact with the police as soon as possible after a catastrophic truck accident. This will ensure that help is provided to you, your passengers, and anybody else who may require assistance following the accident. You will also need to file a police report, which is a crucial aspect of your future claim.
  • If you are physically able, take photos of the accident scene. Take photos of all vehicles involved in the wreck and from all angles. Accident scene photos should also be taken by the officers dispatched to the scene.
  • Be sure to gather data such as the truck driver’s name, driver’s license number, and insurance information. Also, get the contact details from any eyewitnesses. 
  • Next, contact a Bossier City personal injury lawyer. This is one of the most important things you can do following a wreck with a semi truck. This is true whether or not you believe the other driver is at fault. Truck accidents entail a variety of legal issues, particularly those involving commercial trucks, and you will need the assistance of an experienced semi truck accident attorney to help sort through these.
  • You’ll also need to let your insurance company know about the wreck. Be mindful of what information you disclose. Getting you to accept the smallest settlement possible is the job of whomever you speak with. If they call you, remember that you don’t have to and you shouldn’t speak with the truck driver’s insurance company. Instead, tell them to contact your own insurance carrier or your semi truck accident attorney.

Who Is Responsible for a Semi Truck Accident?

The reason truck accident cases can be so difficult to handle is due to the issue of determining fault. Multiple parties could be to blame and that includes the driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, and the manufacturers of defective truck parts. Adverse weather, the use of drugs or alcohol, a fatigued driver, and the time of day the accident occurred can all play a role in determining who is at fault in a truck collision.

Semi truck accidents fall into a few different categories: accidents caused by the truck driver, accidents not caused by the truck driver, and accidents caused by passenger vehicle drivers. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), truck drivers are responsible for 88% of truck-related crashes. Truck drivers can make a variety of errors, ranging from careless driving to distracted driving to substance use and/or abuse. Failure to secure a load, low-filled liquid loads, rear-end collisions, and a lack of training are all examples of other truck driver-related errors that might result in a crash.

Then there are accidents that are not caused by the truck driver. Instead, these types of accidents are due to outside forces such as poorly maintained roads and highways or a combination of bad roads, bad weather, and vehicle malfunctions. Accidents can also be caused by passenger vehicles driving in an unsafe or negligent manner around semi trucks.

How Long Does it Take to Settle a Semi Truck Accident Claim?

Each truck accident claim is unique, which means there is no predetermined time frame in which it will settle. The statute of limitations in Louisiana, as well as the severity of your injuries and other damages, can all impact the length of time it takes to obtain a settlement. Don’t be in a hurry with this process, as settling too early could result in a settlement offer that’s lower than you deserve.

The process of gathering evidence, determining liability, demonstrating negligence on the part of the truck driver, the statute of limitations, and the written filing of your case to the court are some of the factors that have the biggest influence on the settlement time frame.

Serious injuries are not a prerequisite for filing a claim for compensation. However, this type of injury may require long-term care or recovery time and necessitate considerable damages. As a result, the presence of severe injuries can significantly lengthen the amount of time it takes to obtain a settlement. Keep track of all your accident-related medical expenses plus and projected medical bills for future care. Your semi truck accident attorney will include these in your claim. 

How Much Can You Get From a Semi Truck Accident Settlement?

Due to the frequency and severity of truck accidents, the law requires trucking companies to carry much more insurance than those driving smaller, private automobiles. In addition, various entities may be at fault. Due to this, truck accidents can be worth a lot more than your standard Bossier motorcycle accident injury claim or Shreveport car accident claim, for example. Having said that, no accident is alike. If you are injured in an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

In Louisiana, a policy of comparative negligence comes into play in any accident claim. This means that whatever damages you receive can be reduced if you shared fault in the accident. Thus, the counsel of an experienced semi truck accident attorney is vital to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

Why Do I Need a Semi Truck Accident Attorney?

One of the most critical aspects of filing a truck accident claim is determining fault or liability. It is the job of your semi truck accident attorney to gather evidence and assists you in determining who is responsible for the losses you’ve suffered. Multiple cars may be involved in a truck accident, which can result in multiple fatalities or significant injuries. In addition, there are many potential causes behind the wreck. Every possible responsible party must be identified. Because more than one at-fault party may be found during the investigation, achieving compensation can take a long time. Your Bossier City personal injury attorney understands how to get the highest amount of compensation from any liable entity.

Get Help Filing Your Semi Truck Accident Claim Today

We understand that you may be ready to settle your claim to help with the financial hardships associated with a semi truck accident. However, it is typically never a good idea to settle your claim before hiring a semi truck accident attorney who can obtain a fair settlement for you. Otherwise, you may settle quicker, but for far less compensation than you would with a skilled legal counsel at your side. Attorney Michael J. Vergis fights to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your semi truck accident claim. He won’t charge you until you’ve successfully received financial compensation because he only takes cases on a contingency basis.  If you’ve received auto accident injuries in Bossier City, Shreveport, or the surrounding areas, call the office of Michael J. Vergis today at 318-698-3724 for a free consultation.