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Spinal Cord Injuries

Traumatic injury to the spinal cord is known as spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injuries are frequently the outcome of serious accidents caused by the negligence or recklessness of another party. A traumatic impact to the spine fractures or dislocates vertebrae and causes bruising or ripping of the spinal cord tissue. Usually, some type of paralysis occurs as a result.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the degree of disability induced by a spinal cord injury is determined by the location and severity of the injury. The spinal cord is the connection between the brain and the rest of the body. When the cord’s fibers are injured, some communications are stopped, and any body functions that rely on the blocked messages are lost.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to reverse a spinal cord injury. 

Spinal cord injuries can severely limit a victim’s ability to work, socialize, and pay for necessary medical treatment. Spinal injury lawyer Michael J. Vergis is committed to holding the parties responsible for his client’s injuries accountable. We may be able to assist you in filing a personal injury case against the accountable party if you or a loved one has suffered serious spinal cord damage and need compensation to recuperate.

Common Causes of Back and Spine Injuries

The most common cause of spinal cord injury is a violent blow to the spine that dislocates or fractures vertebrae, causing tearing or bruising of the tissue in the spinal cord. Whether due to a car accident or another reason, spinal cord injuries frequently result in some degree of paralysis. The events listed below are among those that could result in a spinal cord injury:

Accidents Involving Motor Vehicles: Car accidents are one of the most common causes of spinal cord injuries. You may be able to sue another driver for your injuries if their activities caused the accident. You are entitled to compensation to pay your medical bills, missed wages, and other damages.

Medical Malpractice: Occurs when a healthcare provider, through omission or negligence, causes harm to a patient. Some types of malpractice that could result in a spinal cord injury include performing an unnecessary procedure, an error during surgery, failure to recognize and identify an injury or illness, insufficient pre- or post-operative care, and failure to inform you of the risks associated with surgery.

Product Liability: Certain products may cause harm to the user due to manufacturing flaws. A malfunction could cause physical harm if a manufacturer intentionally offers a defective product, such as an automobile part or a kitchen appliance.

Premises Liability: The owner of a home or commercial property is responsible for keeping the area safe for visitors. Unfortunately, a lack of frequent maintenance or poor repairs might result in harmful situations. Spinal cord injuries can occur in a variety of ways, including faulty elevators or escalators, damaged staircases, missing handrails, wet/slippery floors, loose rugs/carpeting, cracked or uneven sidewalks, and potholes in a parking lot.

Workplace Accidents: Workplace hazards are unavoidable at times. You could injure your spinal cord whether you work in an office or on a construction site. Some examples of common industrial incidents that might result in a spinal cord injury include a fall from heights, faulty machinery or equipment, assault, electric shock, a task requiring repetitive motions, or a slip/trip and fall. 

Nursing Home Abuse: Nursing home residents are vulnerable to a variety of forms of abuse, including physical assault. If a staff member or even another patient kicks, punches, shoves, or physically assaults someone, the spinal cord may be injured.

What Damages Can You Recover for a Back or Spinal Cord Injury?

In the aftermath of a major spinal cord injury, compensation from the at-fault party may be the only way to achieve financial security. Depending on the severity of the injury, the average lifetime cost of a spinal cord injury ranges from $1.5 million to more than $4.8 million. The average victim does not have millions of dollars to spend on medical treatment and accommodations for their disability. It is impossible to predict the damages you may be entitled to because each personal injury accident case is different, but an experienced spinal injury lawyer can help. The following are the most common types of damages that victims receive:

Medical Costs. Medical bills are the most costly aspect of a spinal cord injury. Regular appointments, rehabilitation and therapy sessions, medical devices, prescriptions, live-in nursing care, and surgical operations are all examples of medical costs.

Costs of Disability. You may be entitled to recover for related expenses if your spinal cord injury resulted in a lifelong disability. To accommodate your impairment, you may need to pay for a new wheelchair-friendly car or house improvements.

Diminished Earnings Capacity. You could lose your job if you have paraplegia, tetraplegia, or another type of spinal cord damage. You may be eligible to recoup the costs of your lost wages during the initial period following your injury, as well as future lost earning capability due to a disability.

Emotional Trauma. It’s a life-changing experience to lose your ability to walk, run, pick up your children, or eat on your own. Intangible losses resulting from your injuries, such as emotional distress, lost enjoyment of life, and psychological suffering, may be recoverable. 

Compensation for Property Damage. If the accident that caused your injury also resulted in property damage, such as a wrecked vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged item.

Wrongful Death. If a spinal cord injury leads to death, the victim’s family may be entitled to sue the responsible party. In some circumstances, the victim’s family may be entitled to compensation for their loved one’s agony and suffering, as well as money to help with the financial burden left by their loved one’s absence.

How Much is a Back Injury Settlement Worth?

The average annual expense of treating a spinal injury is from $15,000 to $30,000. The lifetime expenditures are estimated to be in excess of $3 million. This is a significant expenditure for anyone to bear, and insurance will only cover a portion of it. 

For many people facing a difficult future without the financial assistance they need and deserve, this can be a grim image. There is, however, reason to be optimistic. With the guidance of an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer, you may be able to file a claim against the person or entity that caused your damage.

Compensation for a spinal cord injury may be enough to compensate for all of your losses in the past and in the future. A serious and permanently crippling spine injury often results in a settlement of more than $1 million. Less significant back injuries (such as slipped or herniated disks, whiplash, back sprains, etc.) will, on average, result in lesser settlements.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for my Back Injury?

Adjusters for insurance companies are used to dealing with catastrophic injury sufferers and are aware of the high costs and difficulties of living with permanent spinal damage. Insurance companies use a variety of strategies to limit their exposure to these costly claims, such as denying that their insured caused the accident, blaming the accident on the victim, or contesting the medical evidence proving the nature of the damage. Insurers may strive to settle a claim quickly before the true costs are discovered, or they may fight a full and fair payout. A spinal cord injury attorney can help you navigate this process. 

Laws That May Impact Your Claim

The statute of limitations is one of the most important laws to be aware of in Louisiana. Louisiana’s Civil Code stipulates that you have one year from the date of the accident to initiate a case. An experienced spinal injury lawyer can help you stay aware of this law and any others that impact your claim. Louisiana also follows the comparative negligence rule. This means that if you are judged to be partially at fault for the accident, the amount of money you can recover will be lowered by the percentage of fault you have. For example, if you are awarded $100,000 in damages for an accident and are found to be 10% at blame, your damages will be reduced by $10,000.

Back and Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Shreveport and Bossier City

If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of someone else’s carelessness, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You should seek legal advice from a spinal injury attorney as soon as possible, before speaking with an insurance adjuster or signing anything. Our law practice operates on a contingency fee basis, which means you owe us nothing if we don’t win your case. 

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